How I stopped worrying and liked IOS 7

Well today’s blog post is a special addition about ios 7!

Enough has been said about Apple’s new OS, about the Usability, UX, Visability, and ofcourse it’s resemblence to Andrioid\Microsoft phones.(Depends on who you ask).

Well I took it apon myself, to try and get along with this new version, and you know I’m not much of an Apple fan, so I must tell you I’m pretty harsh.
Don’t get me wrong, I used to idol Mac, but ever since I got my former galaxy 2 device, I’m definetly from camp Android.

Since there are so many reviews of which, I decided to just point out some notes, not necessarily in order of importance.

The bad stuff:

1.First of all, I just hate the animation, when you open an app, it really jumps the eye. I know the idea is to give the user an intro to the app (to emphasize the change beween apps) but to me it just causes a head ache.

2. Icons: Seriously? it looks like a youth version of an Iphone…. way too colorful and childish! a nice shot at trying to look like android but it ends there, but hey, maybe they’re aiming to get to gereration Y


1. As I said, I’m a declared Android person and one of the best things about it, is that there’s plenty ways to share with 3 party apps, At a time that it’s almost taken for granted that people work with their devices, just copying a link would take me ages, One would figure that a company that is so known for their UX,  would cut their users some slack and make it more easier to use them apps…!

2. With so many changes you would think that Apple would change something about their keyboard, Android lets you make short cuts for frequently used words, but the iphone just remains with that plain old Qwerty keyboard, Boring!

3. Especialy regarding to BYOD, IOS still wont let you choose which apps you want to use, and the default apps such as the iphone mailbox will be the primary mail, so when u want to send a pic from your gmail app, it takes so many steps, and well obviously the whole point in costumerzation of IT is the the user gets to choose their apps, therefore IOS7 totally doesn’t support it.

4. Configuring costumised ringtones is still difficult, it still  takes some tine and effort, while via Android all you need to do is choose.

So how come I wrote I like it after all?

The good stuff:

1. The Control Center, a new feature that can be summoned with a quick swipe up from the bottom of the screen it basically gives the user quick access to the controls and apps they need right away.

2. Air drop,obviously great for people who sometime take their work home (and BYOD).

3. “Today”- a new cute future that gives you a summary of today (Birthday’s, weather ECT)

4. Just as promised, Multi-Tasking, is so much easiser and productive,  it ‘s basically supposed to learn when you like to use your apps and it should  update your content before you log in to them. So if you tend to check your facebook  at lunch, your feed will be ready for you. I actually find it really awesome.

5. Photography: Just after facebook intergrated filters like instagram, IOS7 provides built in filters to add some colorts  to our documented lives..

6. Music- iTunes Radio offers does Android, However the principle is that the more you listen, the more personalized it becomes, just like pandora and recently YouTube as well.

7. Security for Beginners: well we all know the app “where’s my Iphone” right? well IOS 7 makes it even more difficult for the finder’s of your device to sell or use it,
since from now own turning off Find My iPhone or erasing your device requires your Apple ID and password. .
Before reactivating you Iphone.your Apple ID and password are required so even if you’re device it your company’s property, Don’t loose hope:)

8. A cute little new feature is the fact that now, in order to unlock the phone one doesn’t have swipe only on the designated place, but as long as you swipe from left to right you can do it anywhere on the screen you want, Hurray!

9, Even though I hate the colors , the childish icons and the god damn animations, I still think the new look and feel is better than the one we’re used to. It’s much more flexible and relevant.

and here’s just some more of those little IOS7  additions:

  • Revamped weather app shows dynamic weather animations onscreen; pinch for all-city overview
  • Night mode for maps
  • iCloud photo-sharing
  • iCloud keychain remembers sensitive data
  • Long MMS support
  • Swipe from day to day in Calendar
  • Phone, FaceTime, and Message blocking (Just like android, ages ago)
  • View PDF annotations
  • Support for 60fps video capture
  • Single sign-on for Enterprise
  • Notification sync
  • Smart download for TV episodes
  • Smart mailboxes
  • Wi-Fi hotspot 2.0
  • Tweaked mail search
  • Inclinometer support
  • AirDrop from activity sheet
  • Background asset downloads
  • Per app VPN

To sum up

There might not be that many significant changes on IOS7 but apprently just like the C.NET review says : “Like many things worth admiring, iOS 7 is greater than the sum of its parts.”

There’s no chance the new system will make me go back to using  Iphone but overall, You can still see the magic in between the horryfying new animations and childish icons.

Some people say that considering the short time Apple had to work on this new OS, they sure have done a great job, I think some of the changes has potential and are very fuctional, but some are just a waste of time.

I would love to here your own opinions about IOS7!

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Have a great week end,

Digest #17


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Regarding BYOD there will be some major features such as: Streamlined MDM enrollment and features that support working with your smartphone such as: New Smart Mailboxes’ Phone, FaceTime, and Messages Blocking, PDF Annotations and more. amd specifically some enterprise additions like Peer-to-peer Connectivity and Data Protection By Default.

If the rumours are true, I think it might become interesting after all in the enterprise realm of the IOS VS Android everlasting delema.

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IT isn’t going away, says Fox CIO

During this week I tweeted this link saying  IT deartments will be disappearing due to all these changes in the enterprise.
Fox CIO John Herbert, Says IT is here to stay.
I believe IT is just going to change, a lot, but there will always be a need of IT people, and system admin, even if it’s for the little stuff. So I’m not packing up my stuff  yet.


Until next week.

this is me  :)!